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Peer Support Program

Peer Support Training


The peer support program is a 40 hour course.

Peer Support Topics Covered:

  • Legal issues, confidentiality, liability, HIPAA, Colorado Law regarding Peer

  • Support Conversations

  • Egan’s Helping Model, building empathy, attending skills, active listening

  • Probing, paraphrasing/mirroring, summarizing, beliefs and values

  • Boundaries

  • Strategies, action plans, identifying issues

  • Processes and processing of grief and loss

  • Recognizing critical incident stress, posttraumatic stress, acute stress, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, suicidal ideations/behaviors, eating disorders, and insomnia

  • Intervention skills

  • Resiliency skills, self-care, relaxation and breathing

  • Anger and anger management, stress and stress management

  • Addictions, alcohol, and prescription drugs


Peer Support Management

Peer Supporter Monthly Meeting. This is a 1-hour Supervision meeting for the Peer Supporters to have a chance to talk about their experiences over the past month and gain some helpful insight, decompress with the group, or ask questions that they might have. 

Quarterly Peer Supporter Training.  This 2-hour training session is to provide Peer Supports advanced skills or tools that will help them become more proficient at being a Peer Supporter.

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